Caring for your BIZU ビーズ Jewellery

Every piece by BIZU features a mix of colourful gems and charms, plated metals, crystals, ceramics and semi-precious stones. All of our BIZU pieces are unique, hand made, one of a kind and produced in our studio in Singapore.

We take pride in all things handmade thus making each of our pieces a one off in its own right. One colour used is really like no other.

Some variances in stones and charms may occur as all findings used to produce our jewellery are generally limited in availability. All of our jewellery are bound together by unique threading processes, hence making some pieces fragile and care must be taken as you would with any fine jewellery.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the findings (wires, chains, etc.), gems and charms used are plated. Plated jewellery is a thin layer of sterling silver or gold metal plated over a brass metal base, this means that it will tarnish (become a brown colour; wear out) over time. To minimize such effects, please;


– Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray and long exposure to sunlight as this may cause and accelerate tarnishing and discolouration.
– Please do not expose your Bizu jewellery directly to water, especially salt water, as this will degrade the thread and cause discoloration to some of the charms.
– Please remove all jewellery before showering, swimming or conducting household tasks such as cleaning.
– For all elastic bracelets, please refrain from stretching the bracelet to put it on and take it off, instead roll it over your hand.

– Metal components can be cleaned with a soft jewellery polishing cloth.

– Store jewellery in a clean and dry environment preferably in separate airlock containers, pouches or boxes.


Silk Tassels

– Keep your earrings lying flat or on an earring stand so that the threads don’t get crimped or bent. (BEST TO KEEP THEM UPRIGHT AND LET GRAVITY DO THE TRICK!)

– Don’t fret if they get creased or out of shape! You may lightly dampen the tassels with water and blow dry them straight using a hair dryer on low speed.

– You can also carefully trim off any errant threads.

Cotton Tassels

Cotton Tassels are easier to store then silk. If your cotton tassels gets out of shape all you need to do is use your fingers to gently brush them back in shape!

Please do not tug on the tassels too hard as you may end up pulling out the threads.

Travelling with your Tassels

Wrap your tassels in cling wrap tightly and put them in a zip lock bag for extra protection. This will help keep your tassels safe during travel.

If your tassels loses its shape during your travels, you can simply follow the above intructions to fix them back in shape!

We stand behind our products 100% and if there is ever an issue with your BIZU piece please contact us and we will do our best to resolve and accomodate your request. Thank you for your support!



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Caring for your BIZU ビーズ Jewellery |

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